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Diwali for all: Enjoy the festival of lights, leave quarrels behind

With the competition of lighting fixtures upon us, it’s time to be grateful and spread the pleasure. This season, the Supreme Court’s prison eagles have raised an existential query for Diwali celebrants living within the National Capital Region with the aid of banning the sale of firecrackers – pretty aside from the legal query of whether or not the Supreme Court has the right to intervene into the area of coverage selections and govt actions. That existential query is: with out firecrackers, is Diwali nevertheless Diwali?

Some may additionally parse this as a query of lifestyles itself: with spiking pollution levels, is a Diwali that turns Delhi right into a “fuel chamber” well worth it? A straight answer, however, might be that Diwali – in its original thought – became a pageant of lighting fixtures and the fireworks got here much later. That leads to any other question – this time a sociological and ancient one – how did firecrackers end up part of Diwali?

Current evidence shows the Mughals had something to do with popularising the exercise. It appears that one of the approaches gunpowder reached India is through the patronage of Islamic rulers. And they didn’t mind placing on a fireworks display at some point of Diwali and other festivities. This leaves the standard Sangh Parivar acolyte with tacks to take, depending on whether he is seasoned- or anti-cracker. If seasoned-, he may want to argue that the SC choice is a normal example of messing with Hindu customs while ‘pseudo-secularists’ wouldn’t dare to achieve this for different faiths. But if anti-, he may want to equally argue that firecrackers are an alien infiltration of Diwali and should be forsaken on that be counted. But as opposed to get into such blind alleys, we strongly endorse accepting the reality that the splendor of Indian civilisation is precisely that its strands are so intermixed. Happy Diwali to all.

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