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Buy Diwali Gifts Online – A Mix of the Modern and Traditional

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Indians, no matter wherever they are, celebrate Diwali with great pomp and show. Diwali being one of the major Hindu festivals celebrated every year epitomizes growth of wealth and prosperity. This is why a drastic rise in the sale of products is a standard phenomenon, notably during this time of the year. Retailers and businesspersons sell brand new products at discounted prices hoping it will bring them well being and affluence. Hence, Diwali registers a sizable shopping period in India. Many consider it the most appropriate time to renovate or repaint their houses or buy new cars, home and kitchen appliances. People shop for a variety of Diwali gifts, especially new clothes; women buy gold, specifically and brand new utensils; many others make large purchases and start new business ventures on this occasion. Besides these sales, local sweets shops, confectionaries and firecracker factories see a major growth in their sales during this season.

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Diwali is almost equivalent to Christmas and similar to the western festival, the festive shopping process starts months before its arrival. The joy of shopping for gifts for Diwali is not limited to the malls and other retail shops. These days, online stores have become efficient in catering to the ever-growing demands of its customers, keeping the latest fashion trends, comfort and monetary convenience in mind. In spite of so much of ease and freedom to shop, why stick to the traditional gifting ideas. Here are some ideas:

Religious Gifts: Traditionally, it is a custom to worship Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Ganesha on this day. They are the god and goddesses of wealth and prosperity, respectively. Hence, one must worship them with full conviction. Many Hindus present idols of these deities to their loved ones believing that it will bring them well being, prosperity and monetary growth and their family as well. It is a common Hindu religious custom, which many practice.

Silver Gifts: Similar to gold, silver is another metal, which is auspiciously valuable to the Indians. In fact, when it comes to giving idols of Lakshmi – Ganesha many prefer those, which are made of pure silver. However, idols are not the only gifts that you can give on Diwali. Next preferred gift you can give are religious silver coins, silverware, jewellery, silver candle stands and other such quintessential Diwali gifts.

Decorative Gifts for Diwali: The custom of illuminating houses, gardens, roads, etc., came in to being the day Lord Rama returned to his Kingdom after fourteen years of exile. The subjects were so happy to see their king that they decorated the entire kingdom by lighting earthen lamps. As a result, this particular full moon night dazzled joyously. Hence, is auspicious to put lights in the interior and exterior of the house since light takes away darkness and all associated evil. To present loved ones with decorative earthen lamps, designer candles and candle stands, tea lights and tea light holders, aromatic gift items is quite appropriate on Diwali.

Hampers of Diwali Gifts: A little bit of tradition never hurt anybody, hence, an amalgamation of all the above-mentioned gifts. Traditional Diwali hampers always include both sweet and savoury items, such as delectable confections, dry fruits and crispy, savoury snacks. Depending on the one giving the gift, hampers may also include a variety of earthen lamps and decorative candles, idols of Lord Ganesha and goddess Lakshmi and sometimes chocolates as well.


Every Indian child grows up listening to the legends of Lord Rama, about how he constructed a bridge of boulders with the help of a battalion of monkeys to arrive at Lanka, where King Raavan kept Sita as his captive. In the same legend lies the real significance or meaning of Diwali, which goes further on to say that the celebrations were to welcome Lord Rama, his wife and brother after fourteen years of exile. It is the only lore known to all. However, there are other legends, which lay obscurely unheard of, yet, equally awe-inspiring. Celebrate Diwali in its true spirit, with sweets, lights and comparatively less consumption of crackers; and buy Diwali gifts online.

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